Clothes Encounters as the journey to FREEDOM by experiencing your true nature.  It is one thing to work with what is already known (books, theories, magazines, etc.).  It’s another thing to take a journey into uncharted waters – Our own divine essence.  Anybody can repeat what they have read or heard from someone else.  What is YOUR own true experience?  WHO ARE YOU?   Let us find out together!

And remember, the journey IS the destination.  You choose the route.  All roads lead home.  It just depends on which route you decide to take.  With Clothes Encounters the discovery of your true nature (divinity) has a couple of routes and we always begin with where you are at in the moment:

From the outside in – Practical Magic:  If you simply want tips as to how to dress and/or develop a smashing wardrobe, you may want to start with the following:  ‘Wardrobe Personality, Accessories Magic, Clothing Capsule Concept, Closet Evaluation, Dress to Express)

From the inside out – Where Image Reflects the Truth: If you find that you are on the path to self-actualization you may want to explore going deeper to help you lift the masks that filter out the truth.  Begin with “Wardrobe Personality” , “Reflections of your True Image Workshop” and morph into “Discover the True Goddess/God Within” using Personal Consultations.  Then we can explore the perfect wardrobe to express that truth with Practical Magic.

 WORKSHOPS/play shops

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“Dress to Express” and “The Voice of Clothing and Colors” are commonly referred to as “Semiotics-Understanding the Non-Verbal Symbols of Clothing and Colors” and the “Yin and Yang of Clothing and Colors”.



This one and a half hour highly interactive workshop is suitable for both men and women of all ages who want to improve attracting business or personal networks through exploring the non verbal messages and uses of clothing and colors and how they impact communication. You wfrontill learn to identify your own color prejudices and how to overcome them so that you do not avoid a valuable business prospect based on judgments you may be making subliminally. You will also learn how to combine the energies of color, line, texture and style to communicate the messages you want to be received by learning the universal messages that color and clothing send out non verbally. Bring your playful spirit and open mind to this play shop jam-packed with constructive ideas. This workshop is available to be held at your place of business as well as in your home. Fee:  $35/person-minimum 10/maximum 20 (Note to Businesses: this workshop can be tailored to meet your corporate image)  Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.  Larger audiences – call for Fee.  Note:  Travel beyond 15 miles additional fee.e

“Reflections of the Well-Suited Man”

This is the above workshop targeted specifically to focus on men’s clothing and colors. Fee:  $35/person-minimum 10/maximum 20.  Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.  Larger audiences – call for Fee. Note:  Travel beyond 15 miles additional fee.

“Reflections of Your True Image”

Take a leap of faith into the unknown as you begin the journey to the discovery of who you truly are in a fun-filled safe group setting. You will begin to peel away the layers of how you mask your true divinity by hiding behind your clothes. If you have ever experienced noticing someone wearing an outfit that you would simply LOVE to wear, but felt YOU could NOT pull it off, this workshop will be the beginning of the journey to love your body just as it is. You will develop the confidence to celebrate that love with the clothing and colors you wear to express that divinity. You will learn how you feel about color and how to use it to increase your energy and to heal your spirit. Take a tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of clothing and colors. Wear your favorite outfit and learn how others perceive how you project yourself. Decide if it is what you want to communicate and if not, how to create a new image – one that truly reflects who you are in your essence. This workshop is available in your home. It is an ideal workshop for Holistic Health settings. Fee:  $35/person-minimum 10/maximum 20.  Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.  Larger audiences – call for Fee  Note:  Travel beyond 15 miles additional charge.

“Accessories Magic”

Learn how to create many new outfits from your existing wardrobe by utilizing these simple techniques with accessories. S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g your wardrobe can save you money because you will begin to go shopping in your own closet and discover the treasures that were there all along. Host an Accessories Magic workshop and learn how to create order out of chaos with the clothing and accessories in the photo below. This workshop is an hour long and is available to be held in your home for a $149 Fee with a maximum of 8 guests.  Additional guests pay $20 each.   Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.  Note:  Travel beyond 15 miles additional charge.

“The Clothing Capsule Concept”

Learn how to pack for a trip in one carryon suitcase utilizing what I call the “Clothing Capsule Concept”. Turn 5 clothing pieces into 8 looks and 9 pieces into numerous looks with the right pieces and accessories. This workshop is an hour long and utilizes Accessories Magic ideas and is also available to be held in your home. $149 Fee with a maximum of 8 guests.  Additional guests pay $20 each.  Please go go “Shop” link on Home Page to pay.  TRAVEL AGENTS – SHEDULE ONE OF THESE WORKSHOPS FOR YOUR NEXT PLANNED TRIP TRAVELERS!  Note:  Travel beyond 15 miles additional charge.



“Wardrobe Personality”

This is a unique system of determining your own Personal Style away from the realm of the media and your daily routine. You will have an opportunity to think only through your feelings utilizing a specially designed color test. This test puts you in touch with what you would LOVE to project out to the world. These colors also relate to clothing styles, fabrics, textures and accessories that truly will bring out your personality. You may discover a hidden desire for a new look-styles you have admired but thought you couldn’t wear. You may also discover that you are already choosing many garments and accessories that suit you. However, you will still love the NEW ideas that this can bring to your wardrobe.  Fee – $99.00 per person.  Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.  Travel beyond 15 miles additional charge.

 “Discover the True Goddess/God Within”

For those who are curious and truly want to learn how to get in touch with their divinity and want to work one on one to get there by going deeper into the rabbit hole. This will entail a series of appointments depending on where you are in the moment and may take a day, a month, a year or a lifetime to get there.  Are you ready to commit? Are you an Athena, Aphrodite/Venus, Demeter, Zeus or Poseidon? (Note: these names have absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation)  Which of the 5 Elements is your dominant element?:  Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water and how you can use clothing and colors to help you when you go out of balance? Curious? Call Diane for more details. 520-638-7876  Fee: $75 per hour  Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay. (Customized consultations available)  Travel beyond 15 miles additional charge.  You might want to take advantage of the “Personal Consultation Package” below to explore the Goddess/God within.

“One Hour Personal Consultations”.

These are customized based on your individual needs at the time.  Fee:  $75 per hour.  Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.

**Personal Consultation Package:

Ten one hour phone or in person custom consultations to be held within a 6 month period.  This is a savings of $150 off the hourly rate.  Fee:  $600.00  Please go to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.

“Personal Shopping Service”

Need help picking out your clothes? We’ll start with a brief consultation where Diane will get to know your personal style and budget along with what you are trying to achieve. Then we can schedule a shopping trip where Diane will help you pick out styles and clothing to meet your needs. Fee: $75 per hour plus travel time to shops.

“Closet Evaluations”

This is a shopping spree in your own closet!  If you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, this is just for you.  With a little preparation from you in advance, and a few hours of my time, I will create outfits that you never knew you had.  Fee:  $75 per hour  Travel beyond 15 miles additional charge.

“Special Event Outfit Advice”

If you have an event coming up that you need advice on, you can call me for a $10.00 per 10 minutes fee.  Please to to “Shop” link on Home page to pay.

“Color Energy Profile”

With this simple color test we will discover your current energy and how to work with it to help heal or enhance it today.  You will learn what your true essence/basic color personality is being projected now; along with your present condition on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level, i.e. your deep subconscious needs and your main challenges;  as well as how you might take your next step to a new level of personal awareness.  Fee:  $30 per 30 minutes.

Note:  Travel expenses and time to travel are not included in Fees.  They are additional depending on cost and/or mileage.