Fashion as Healing!

Did you know that you can change your attitude in a moment’s notice by just changing your clothes?  Fashion has many many healing properties.  What do you use as your go to outfit that makes things “all better” and gives you that boost of ‘confidence’?

Your Divine Essence

If you were a goddess or a god, which one would you be most like? I am more like Athena.  She is a warrior.  Although I also have some traits of the Greek Goddess Artemis, also known as the Roman Goddess Diana.  You can learn more about your Divine essence by working with Diane in individual consultations.  It is a lot of fun and it is very healing!  What say you?

What we wear!

What we wear is a direct reflection of what we believe.  Is what you are wearing expressing the true you?  Let’s meet where you are and see if that is where you want to be?  What holds you back from wearing your heart’s desire?  Comments please!

The Color Red

I am wondering how you feel about the color RED!  I am interested in your direct experience of when you wear the color red.  Let’s see how we FEEL rather than what we think!