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Happy New You 2021

After the wild ride of 2020 it is time to freshen up our Image. I, for one, dressed up every single day during the 2020 even though most of the time I spent it alone at home. This kept me from feeling frustrated and depressed. Dressing up makes me feel good and helps me to get things done most of the time. I use clothing and colors to help heal and lift my moods when necessary, as well as to help me relax and wind down when that is necessary. For example, today I am wearing RED to give me a burst of energy to get motivated to work on my website and this blog. Wearing blue and/or purple help me to settle down. I encourage you to take the time to cast away the sweats and dress to express to lift your mood du jour. Need help with getting to know the real you and how to dress to express it? Visit the Services section of this website to see how I can help you. Email: to talk and get more information.