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The traditional colors of Christmas

If you have ever wondered how the traditional red and green colors of Christmas were decided I have this to offer after my research: Green represents the eternal life of Jesus Christ much like the evergreen trees remain green the whole winter long (hence they are called “ever” green); and red represents the blood shed by Jesus during his crucifixion. There you have it. I often wondered so decided to google it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2020 is almost over

Hello everyone. I am so sorry I have been on a hiatus from the business of Clothes Encounters. I just decided to start up again. I am curious about how you fared with your dressing during COVID19. I, for one, dressed up every single day with full makeup and jewelry/accessories even when I was to stay home all day. It makes me FEEL better. I hope you didn’t live in sweats during the whole ordeal. Remember-clothing and colors have healing properties. Stay tuned for more posts in the near future. Please comment about your successes and what I can do to help you get back in the groove of dressing to express. Love, Diane