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Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Spring

Spring is here and the trees in the northeast will soon be sprouting their leaves (if it ever stops snowing there).  The weather here in Tucson is delightful now. Green will be the background for the blooming tulips and daffodils soon to be popping their heads.  It is a time of rebirth when the earth comes alive again after a long rest.  How do you dress to celebrate the season?  I simply love wearing flower prints and bright clear colors.    Come to one of my workshops and learn how to dress to express your truth.  April showers will be bringing May flowers as the saying goes.  Tell me how you feel about spring and wearing prints.  Prints help to scatter your energy outwardly.What’s in your closet?  Is it time for an update?  How about a shopping spree in your own closet?  I can help with that.  Just let me know.